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on this by reminding people of what they say are the benefits of the health care law for everybody. things like ending discrimination for people who have pre-existing conditions. and expanding coverage to millions of people who never had health insurance. and there will be a political component to the president's message today, and this push that you will see virtually every day for the next three weeks. he's going to be saying and the white house will be saying, the republicans simply have no alternative to this health law. >> you saw the website working at a much higher capacity yesterday. but still, a lot of bugs that could surprise people as they enroll. >> reporter: yes. and one of the biggest problems here, george, is even for those who have managed to navigate through the website or enroll or think they have enrolled, are finding the information has not gotten to the insurers. we talked to a gentleman in georgia yesterday, after two months of trying, got enrolled on the website. but when he called the insurance company to confirm and get his card, he was told they had absolutely no record he ha
vanished. >> law enforcement had to take every possible step to verify its authenticity. we believe that it was, in fact, written by abbie. >> reporter: investigators are not disclosing the content of the letter. but are convinced abigail may be in grave danger. >> someone may be now coercing her. someone may now be manipulating her. and her safety is absolutely in question. >> reporter: police releasing photos of a necklace and purse abbie had been known to wear regularly. and appealing to the public for help. >> we're asking you, look at your neighbor. look at the grocery store. look at your church. is there somebody that you haven't seen here before? >> reporter: this is the last known photo of abbie, seen walking through the hallway of her school on the day that she vanished. police say that evening was the last time her cell phone was used. investigators have been searching ever since, knocking on doors, looking in the local woods and river. abigail's distraught mother, delivering this message to her daughter just days after she went missing. >> abbie, please come home. we miss
to hide her crime from friends, family, and law enforcement. allegedly sending her e-mails from a fake account. >> prosecutors have to prove she intended to kill him. >> reporter: she's pleaded not guilty. her attorneys admit her story changed over time. but maintain that johnson's death was an accident. the defense writing in the brief that despite testimony that graham suffered from cold feet, witnesses thought the wedding was perfectly normal. >> this case will come down to whether the jury believes that she regretted this marriage so much that she pushed him off the edge. >> reporter: graham's attorney revealing the plan to show a starkly different image of her husband's lifestyle. charges of sec-degree murder, volunteer manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter are possible. abc news tried to reach out to attorneys on both sides but have not heard back. >> we'll follow the case all week long. >>> a lot of other news. for that, it's ron claiborne. >> hi, again, dan and bianna. she's making me laugh. in the news today, a national day of prayer and reflection, started a week of event
. and the officer noticed she was wearing google glass. there's no law against glass specifically. so, he slapped her with another ticket. a violation that makes it illegal to drive with a television or video monitor, even though abadie says her glass unit wasn't turned on. >> because of the way he was asking me the questions, i started to realize he was feeling there was something illegal about it. >> i think a case like this was more than inevitable. and i think it's one of the first of many cases we're going to see with google glass. >> reporter: in a statement, google warns users about using mobile devices while driving. adding they should always use glass responsibly. and put their safety and the safety of others first. abadie is fighting her ticket and will testify at trial next month. no word on whether she'll be wearing google glass on the witness stand. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> angie just handed me this glass. there's no way you should be driving with this on. you can't see anything when it goes on. it's very distracting. that's my editorial for t
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the investigation continues. over the course of carter's eight years in law enforcement, he's held nine jobs, according to "the san antonio express." abc news was unable to reach carter for comment. for"good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> thanks to john for that. >>> we get the latest on jameis winston. the star quarterback and has heisman trophy favorite, he's speaking out for the first time since being cleared of sexual assault allegations last week. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: for the first time, weeks after sexual assault accusations against the star quarterback were made public, 19-year-old jameis winston spoke out after helping fsu win the big acc championship game against duke. >> we came together. everybody had my back. >> reporter: the accuser, another fsu student, told police almost a year ago that winston sexually assaulted her. after she went drinking with friends. winston's attorney says it was consensual. and just this thursday, prosecutors said no charges would be filed. >> we do not file a charge if we do not feel like we have sufficie
near shore again. i would kill to be on that jet ski right now. >>> and finally, she fought the law. and she won. kentucky grandma linda farley admittedly, likes to decorate her minivan with some bumper stickers. and other decorations. she admits it. she calls it her liberty van. she got a ticket in new jersey, where police claim those decorations were obscuring her view of the road. linda would hear none of it. fought for her own liberty and fought the ticket. driving 5,000 miles back and forth from kentucky to new jersey for the hearings. guess what she drove there and back. and persistence paid off. the judge dismissed the ticket. >> and no tickets on the way. >> free woman. >> maybe there's a new bumper sticker. >> i like what you did there. as long as it doesn't obscure your view of the road. >> thanks, josh. >>> "pop news" coming up. >>> first, let's get weather from ginger zee. and our viewers have been trying to stump ginger with their questions. we have one more. >> that music. >> what is this weather formation right here? >> oh, yes. i am very familiar with this. this is t
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)